Bruce Wayne aka Cowboy

Male, Caucasian, Bald, 28, Dressed like Cowboy complete with a hat


Name: Bruce Wayne aka Cowboy

Stat Block

Int 9 Ref 6
Tech 6 Cool 10
Attr 6 Luck 8
MA 8 Body 7
Emp 10 Run 24
Leap 6 Lift 70/280

Skill Block

Streetdeal 17 Human Perception 15
Awareness/Notice 16 Persuasion/Fast Talk 15
Education/General Knowledge 12 Library Search 14
Drive 6 Motorcycle 6
Handgun 9 MA: Fencing 13

Gear Block

Name T WA C A Damg Shots ROF Rel
Kendashi Powersword Mel 0 L R 4d6+MA N/A N/A R
Monosword Cane Mel 1 L R 3d6+MA N/A N/A VR
Colt .45 Peacemaker P 0 J R 2d6+2 6 1 VR

2008: Meet Estaban Pacheco, he becomes a father like figure to Bruce
2009: Pull Rodney “Jamacia Jack” Jackson out of scrape with the Bozos, have friend in Voodoo Boys
2010: Introduce Pacheco and Jackson, very profitable business (Drugs)
2011: Befriend fellow student: Piper Reed
2012: Love affair with Amaya Ito. Pacheco hates her as she’s Japanese and he’s Cartel.
2013: Mentoring Felix ’Two Snakes" Kowalski, a long walk survivor, lost his family on the walk
2014: Introduced to Cartel Leader in US – Egardo Leyva-Escadon. Teaches me to shoot.
2015: Uncle David Alverez takes in mom & dad with the Aldecaldos in LA
2016: Get guns for David Whindam. (Corp) He owes me. Mentor Benjamin “Snap Dragon” Barenbaum
2017: Raffen Shiv pack “The Survivors” kill mom and dad.
2018: New guy in town John Paladin, needs guns. Good business.
2019: A lot of dating, not much to show for it.

Bruce Wayne aka Cowboy

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