Scream Sheet January 5

Sunday, January 5th:

The afternoon calm on High Street was shattered by multiple explosions followed by automatic gunfire earlier today. According to reports and eyewitness testimony, shortly after 4:00 PM an SUV drove past a group of patrons exiting O’Shaunessey’s Pub. As the vehicle drove past, two passengers threw grenades into the crowd. At least one flash-bang grenade and one EMP device were used. As the EMP wave disabled all public and private security cameras as well as cell phones in the area, we only have eyewitness testimony regarding what happened next.

A van then pulled up on the scattering crowd. At least 4 robed and armed Inquisitors emerged from the vehicle. It is believed the Inquisitors were attempting to kidnap at least one of the patrons exiting the pub. The patrons not disabled by the grenades fought back. A second SUV containing four more Inquisitors then arrived and began firing into the group. Despite the element of surprise and firepower, the Inquisitors were all killed or incapacitated by the patrons before authorities arrived.

NCPD officers quickly arrived on scene, and shortly after this an Arasaka AV landed and took one clearly wounded patron away. The fact that Inquisitors were targeting this group and that Arasaka Security came to their aid seems to indicate that at least some of the patrons were employees of Solutions Pharmaceuticals. Employees and facilities of Solutions Pharmaceuticals have been frequently targeted by the Inquisitors. In the past, these attacks have always been more akin to assassinations than kidnapping. We reached out to Solutions Pharmaceuticals regarding this attack. They had no comment, except to say that the company takes the security of its employees and clients very seriously and that they rely on the professional service Arasaka provides.

Scream Sheet January 5

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